Aggregate Restaurant Ratings Based On You

Back when I started this site in March, my first post, Choosing Restaurants in Portland, was about how I’d gathered restaurant list and rating information from different publications to aggregate a super list based on how much weight I felt each source deserved.  I was even interviewed about it last month in Eater PDX.

Now, I’ve taken some criticism (mostly joking) from people because my favorite restaurant is at the top.  Well, guess what, guys…  I’ve given you the ability to take my raw data and set the weights yourself!


In that original post, I listed the sources I drew from, but as a review, here they are:

The Chart

Each bar in the chart represents one of the top 50 restaurants based on the current weight settings.  Each color in the bar represents the amount a publication affects its rating.  Rolling your mouse cursor over a bar gives you the name of the restaurant as a tooltip.  I’ve also included the full adjusted top 50 as a list below the chart.

By default (and whenever the page is reloaded), the chart will load up with my weighted values.  From there, you can adjust how much each one contributes to your top 50.

For example, let’s say you would like to make Yelp a bigger part of your list.  That’s not the way I did it, but you do you.  Slide the Yelp slider to the right.  The chart and the list will auto-update.

Slide the sliders, change the weights!  Enjoy!


I would love to hear about the results you guys have.  Feel free to leave comments.


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